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We provide specialized treatment in all dental fields with atmost care for elderly and children. We love to see you smile; we will restore it for you!


Treatment for correcting the abnormally positioned teeth by straightening them with the help of braces.

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Dental Implants

Fixing the missing tooth/teeth caused due to injury or decay with artificial root tooth implanted to your jawbone.

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Teeth Whitening

Procedure for brightening the color of your teeth to bring back the healthy and beautiful smile.

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Clear Aligners

Custom made transparent aligners to fine tune your smile and to align your teeth without using the traditional braces

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Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Treatment for removing the infected pulp tissue, disinfection and cleaning of the pulp cavity followed by filling and sealing of the root canal that too in a single visit.

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Fixed Partial Dentures

Treatment for replacing your broken or lost tooth with a new dental prosthesis that will be attached permanently to the gap created by the missing tooth.

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