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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth restoration, rehabilitation and reconstruction are terms frequently used to describe the process to optimizing the health of the entire mouth, including gums, teeth and the bite.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

If you are missing more than one adjacent tooth, then multiple tooth replacement will help you permanently restore your healthy bite and prevent jawbone atrophy.

Anterior Tooth Replacement

Loss of a front tooth can challenge both your appearence and self confidence. The permanent solution to free yourself from the trauma of lost front tooth is anterior tooth replacement

Posterior Tooth Replacement

Missing back teeth can affect your confidence and the way teeth function. Ideal solution for this situation is posterior tooth replacement which is shown below:



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With quality care and modern technology, Modern Dental Clinic is able to create the best smiles on the faces of our patients. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their experiences at our clinic.

I don’t know where to start. I can’t thank Modern Dental Clinic and the staff enough. My teeth look great and I have found new confidence. I would definitely recommend Modern Dental Clinic to anyone I know who wants to straighten their teeth.

Bhavin Manari

I am very grateful for the comfort and support they gave me throughout the dental implant process. My dentist did a wonderful job in replacing the damaged tooth. My teeth look absolutely amazing and I feel confident again.

Angel Joseph

I had a very sensitive tooth and I used to wake up at night because of the pain. I underwent root canal treatment on the tooth at Modern Dental Clinic and now I can’t even tell which tooth was causing the pain!

Akash Benny

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