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Dental Implants

Goodbye to Dentures. Get fixed teeth in 72 hours.

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Have you lost your confidence due to a missing tooth? Has the damaged tooth left you feeling shy and insecure? Not anymore!!!

Regain your confidence with Basal dental implants, the perfect way to restore your beautiful and natural looking smile.

Basal Dental Implants is a modern implant technology that uses basal – cortical portion of the jaw bones to support the implant. They allow the dentist to replace teeth lost by disease or knocked out due to trauma like a tooth lost while playing football.

An implant is permanent; it doesn’t come loose like a denture.

Advantages of Basal Implants

Basal implants help in treating a wide variety of cases which cannot be attempted with the conventional dental implants.

  • Single Piece Implantology

    Basal implant is a single piece implant in which the implant and abutment are fused into one piece. This reduces implant failure due to interface problems between the connections which exist in conventional implantology .

  • Basal – Cortical Bone Support

    Basal implant take support from the basal bone which is a lot more resistant to resorption, unlike the conventional implantology which mostly takes support from the crestal bone.

  • Rectifies Compromised Bone Situations

    Basal implantology avoids bone grafting, sinus lifts and nerve trans-positioning unlike conventional implants which require modification in the jawbone to suit the implants.

  • Ideal for High Risk Patients

    Basal implants work fine with high-risk groups such as smokers, diabetic patients and patients with severe gum disease.

  • Immediate Loading

    Basal implants facilitate immediate implant placement and immediate loading soon after extractions.

Basal Dental Implants

The basal implant is specifically designed by utilizing the basal bone areas which are free of infection and resorption. The basal bone provides a great quality cortical bone to hold these unique and highly advanced implants. Cortical Implantology is another name for Basal Implantology.

When a tooth or some teeth are lost, the body acknowledges that the portion of the jawbone supporting the tooth roots is no longer necessary. Thus, the body starts to reabsorb the minerals in these areas to other parts of the body. This process is called Residual Ridge Resorption.

When resorption occurs, the jaw bones will start to shrink slowly. After a few years, there will be very little jaw bone left to even support your dentures. This will lead to Facial Collapse due to the loss of vertical facial height and the soft tissues slack as the jaw muscles do not have much work as it used to have earlier.

The significant benefit in using basal dental implants is that the implants stimulate the jawbone like the natural tooth roots during the process of chewing. Therefore, the crestal jaw bone which gets resorbed in the normal course after the loss or removal of teeth is retained, thereby maintaining the facial contours. Thus, it helps in avoiding major dental surgical procedures like bone grafting and the like.

There are different designs of Basal Implants. e.g. BCS, BCS Ex, KOS, KOS Plus etc. These implant designs are considered to be the perfect choice for immediate loading and gives long lasting satisfaction to the patient.

KOS Implants

These implants are single piece implants with compression threads designed for immediate loading in healed bone. These implants compress the bone around the implants, thereby achieving high stability of implants which helps in higher stability of implants for immediate prosthetic loading.

BCS Implants (Bi Cortical Screws)

These implants are polished smooth surface implants with “no-itis” surface which are placed taking anchorage from the 2nd or 3rd cortical bone and are ideal for mull mouth rehabilitation, immediate extraction cases, periodontally compromised cases or in “no- bone” situations where the implants have to be loaded following immediate loading protocols.

KOS Plus Implants

These implants are a combination of KOS and BCS implants where there is a rough surface like KOS implants and at the apical part there are smooth surface threads like BCS implants.

These implants are ideally used in upper anterior teeth replacement, where in the smooth apical threads are anchored in the nasal bone (2nd cortical) and the rough surface of implants lie in the cancellous bone giving better retention.

BCS Ex Implants

These implants are polished smooth implants with “no-itis” surface which are ideally placed in reaching the 2nd cortical at the pterygoid bone, in immediate extraction sockets and in full mouth rehabilitation cases.

Even high-risk groups such as smokers, diabetic patients and patients with severe gum disease can successfully receive these implants.



The treatment begins by examining the implant site and x-ray examination is completed by the implantologist.  Generally, this step occurs after the precautions and other steps which are necessary (bone augmentation, sinus lifting etc)in conventional implants. But, for Basal Implant the above mentioned steps are not applicable.

On the day of surgery, the damaged tooth are extracted and the implants are placed right away. The prosthetic treatment starts right after the implants are inserted. Following three days at the latest the crown is fixed and the new teeth can be used for eating, smiling, speaking!


Treatment duration for Basal Dental Impant is 1 to 3 days while for Conventional Implant is 4 to 24 months.

Who Should Opt for Basal Dental Implant?

Anyone who wishes to have permanent teeth instead of a gap or damaged teeth can opt for a basal implant.

The following situations demand you to undergo basal implantology.

  • When several teeth are missing or have to be extracted.

  • When the procedure of conventional dental implant placement or bone augmentation has failed.

  • In case of all kinds of bone atrophy i.e. very thin ridges or deficiency of bone in buccolingual thickness.

  • In cases of insufficient bone height.

  • In case of risk group patients: Diabetic patients, Smokers, Patients with Acute Destructive Periodontitis.

Basal implants are also used to support multiple unit restorations in the upper and lower jaws.

Modern Dental Clinic is a pioneer in Basal Implantology in the Malabar region of Kerala, and our results are 100% satisfactory.



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With quality care and modern technology, Modern Dental Clinic is able to create the best smiles on the faces of our patients. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their experiences at our clinic.

I don’t know where to start. I can’t thank Modern Dental Clinic and the staff enough. My teeth look great and I have found new confidence. I would definitely recommend Modern Dental Clinic to anyone I know who wants to straighten their teeth.

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I am very grateful for the comfort and support they gave me throughout the dental implant process. My dentist did a wonderful job in replacing the damaged tooth. My teeth look absolutely amazing and I feel confident again.

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I had a very sensitive tooth and I used to wake up at night because of the pain. I underwent root canal treatment on the tooth at Modern Dental Clinic and now I can’t even tell which tooth was causing the pain!

Akash Benny

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