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We are the first dental clinic in the Malabar region of Kerala to provide Fixed Denture Treatments using Basal Dental Implants within 72 hours.

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We offer specialized oral and dental treatments for patients of all ages using state of the art dentistry technologies and that too, at reasonable rates. We use Class B Autoclave Sterilizers, Digital Dental Imaging solutions and environment friendly waste disposal methods for our treatment procedures.


You no longer have to depend on removable dentures that comes loose and causes pain and discomfort. Implant supported Fixed Dentures is your one stop solution to tooth loss. Now you can eat any food and smile as much as you want…with confidence!

Loss of teeth interferes with your speech and eating habits and causes a lot of embarrassment. Don’t worry; you have a permanent solution – Fixed Dentures. At Modern Dental Clinic, we provide you with Basal Implant supported Fixed Dentures in just 72 hours; yes, within 3 days.

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Modern Dental Clinic boasts of the most advanced dental equipments, strict sterilization procedures and a very calm ambience that together will present you the best dental visit.

State of the Art Technologies

We offer high quality dental services with the help of the most modern technologies like Digital Dental Imaging Solutions and Laser equipments.

Perfect Infection Control

We utilize Class B Autoclave Sterilizers besides environment friendly waste disposal methods to ensure 100% hygiene in the clinic.

Soothing Ambience

We provide facilities like TV and magazines to our patients to make them feel comfortable and relaxed during the treatments.


We provide services in 6 major dental treatments with special care for elderly citizens and children. You can truly depend on us; we will not disappoint you!


Dr. Prince K Chacko is an experienced and specialized consultant who is committed to providing you with the best dental services.

Dr. Prince Chacko
Dr. Prince K Chacko (MDS)
Masters in Immediate Loading Implantology

Dr. Prince K Chacko, Director of Modern Dental Academy, is an Orthodontic expert for several clinics in Kannur, Calicut, Wayanad, Malappuram and Palakkad districts. He has been in general practice since 2008 and Implant practice since 2015.

His keen interest in general dental practice made him a regular participant in all the Continuing Dental Education Programs. He also conducts regular dental education programs for his fellow dentists.

He is a firm believer of the Motto – “Give Back to Society”


With quality care and modern technology, Modern Dental Clinic is able to create the best smiles on the faces of our patients. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their experiences at our clinic.

I don’t know where to start. I can’t thank Modern Dental Clinic and the staff enough. My teeth look great and I have found new confidence. I would definitely recommend Modern Dental Clinic to anyone I know who wants to straighten their teeth.

Bhavin Manari

I am very grateful for the comfort and support they gave me throughout the dental implant process. My dentist did a wonderful job in replacing the damaged tooth. My teeth look absolutely amazing and I feel confident again.

Angel Joseph

I had a very sensitive tooth and I used to wake up at night because of the pain. I underwent root canal treatment on the tooth at Modern Dental Clinic and now I can’t even tell which tooth was causing the pain!

Akash Benny